The Topic of the project is writing about ‘ Many economics strongly support that small business are the backbone of an economy.
August 15, 2020
The purpose of this discussion board forum is for all of us to share the benefits of Westlaw in doing legal research.
August 15, 2020

How do the following support your concept?

How will this attract guests >>>>How will this attract guests to boutique hotel<< will this attract guests to

How do the following support your concept? (20 pts total) Ambience (5 pts) – For lovers of squeaky-clean modern design the hotel, composed of a reception area, and 10 guestrooms, the lobby’s alluring minimalism is a bit undermined by the piles of luggage fromincoming guests, but that could be the trade-off for the hotel’s small, intimate size. The gueststhat visit this hotel will feel the privacy and intimacy of the space. The boutique hotel will havemodern and contemporary vibe that has funky art elements. The use of conventional lighting willmake the boutique hotel have a warm and inviting feeling. It is important that the ambience ofthe hotel will be relaxing and enable guests to feel fine of any worries. Our boutique hotel will have the luxury of being pampered by the staff.

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