Reason(s) for desiring to enter the Nursing program.
April 11, 2019
Consider how quality efforts relate to patient-physician relationships and quality delivery of services in healthcare settings. Summarize your findings and discuss the ethical foundations of such efforts.
April 11, 2019

How Jewish religious beliefs influence health care?

How Jewish religious beliefs influence health care?

1. Select a cultural event to attend (Jewish sabbath) describe the religious meaning of the event.
You can write that I have a jewish coworker that all the time asked me to go to this weekly event but I always was busy, but this was a

good opportunity to go and know a little bit more about it.

2. Write a summary and analysis of this experience including:
(a) a description of the event
(b) a discussion of how you felt “different” from or “connected” to the group during the experience (you can write that I feel

connected in the way that I am Catholic and follow my religious practices)
(c) an identification of cultural values and beliefs underlying the event
(d) implications of these values and beliefs for the provision of advanced nursing practice (nurse practitioner) and health care

services for this population

3. Please support these insights with references from the scientific literature (peer reviewed articles)

The following will be key considerations in grading:
(a) depth of information,
(b) insightfulness,
(c) ability to synthesize information, and
(d) ability to draw realistic conclusions.


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