Identify three tools that will be used for synchronous communications and three tools that will be used for asynchronous communications. Be sure to explain why you made these choices.
September 6, 2018
Provide support for your statements with full APA in-text citations from a minimum of ten (10) scholarly references—five of these references must be from outside sources and five may be from course readings, lectures, and textbooks. 
September 6, 2018

How will the results be used? Who will have access to the results (e.g., medical doctor, family, the court, teachers), and why? This will vary depending on the character and plot in your story.

Psychological Assessment (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
1. Why is the character in the story being referred for testing?
My personality is a seven year old boy known as Jeb recently he has been extremely troublesome in class as well as not listening along with having an awfully short attention extent so the teacher has a quantity of concerns as well as askers his parents for a meeting to talk about these problems. His parents have as well noticed these current transformations at home consequently they are in accord that this ought to modify in their son ought to be looked into further. They concur to make a prior arrangement with the family medical doctor.

2. Who will conduct the assessment?
The family medical doctor will see Jeb as well as evaluate him first and later refer him to a qualified kid psychologist so as to have an evaluation done(Ghanizadeh, 2013).The kid psychologist will later utilize the CAS evaluation. This is one of the measurements that are employed by psychologists to evaluate kids who suffer from ADHD. The other evaluation that will be done by the kid psychologist is the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-IV) might be managed on document or on the network this analysis takes essentially 60 to 90 minutes to complete. Based on my study I have found that these are the most precise evaluations accessible to make a diagnosis on young children nowadays. The Psychiatrist will be managing along with scoring this test.

3. What is being measured?
Cognitive Assessment System is a consistent analysis of cognitive aptitudes (intelligence) depending on the PASS assumption each of these scales does comprise of twelve subtests which are collected of motivation, concentration as well as planning scales. The analysis is managed on manuscript, forty minutes for the Basic Battery and it takes sixty minutes for the Standard Battery (Gregory, 2014). WISC-IV is a suitable evaluation which has fifteen subtests incorporated the assessments which are all correlated to learning skills like reading, letter along with number sequences, vocabulary, math, matrix reasoning, picture completion, comprehension, word reasoning as well as a few others.

4. How will the tests be taken?
The assessment will be taken in the workplace of the analyst with Jeb and the psychiatric specialist present, both of these tests are supposed to be done in a single day based on how fine Jeb is doing regarding his attention.

5. Who will be present during the assessment process? If not in the room, where will parents and/or guardians be while the character in the story is being tested?
It is only the psychologist along with Jeb who will be in the room. He is going to be re- guaranteed by the psychologist that his parents are correct outside the door therefore the explanation for this is to ensure Jeb completely focuses on the parts of the evaluation

6. How will the results be used? Who will have access to the results (e.g., medical doctor, family, the court, teachers), and why? This will vary depending on the character and plot in your story.
Once the outcomes are found from the appraisal the psychologist, the teacher as well as the parents will put together a plan to assist Jeb be victorious in his life (Naglieri & Edwards, 2004). The family physician, school authorities as well as the teachers will as well have way in to the outcome from the evaluation so as to be proficient to assist Jeb too. The parents will require signing knowledgeable approvals form so as the report to be released to the other gatherings, the child psychiatrist will require to tag along the code of moral principles as far as confidentiality, as well as privacy are concerned.

7. What will be the outcome of the assessment? How will the information be used? How might this information impact the life of the character in your story?
The result of this appraisal is that the young boy suffers from a neurodevelopment intellectual disorder at this time the young boy will be going through counseling sessions, along with working intimately with the instructor in the classroom to be proficient to complete his homework, he will as well have a new prescription to take on a daily basis to assist him focus.

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