Practice in Graph And design Design
January 11, 2021
Complete Shared Practice Assignment about Creativity Myths NO PLAGIARISM
January 11, 2021

Human Recourse

I have to done this stuff to get manual . Please follow the syllabus and files with the website which I submit . If you have any Questions please let me know .

Am caught up with work, the class is about you.

There are jobs best suited for your personality type, ask your family and friends about your weaknesses and strengths that they know .P:7

Take the questionnaire to find which is important to you when deciding a choice for career. p:16-17-18 .It’s 40 questions, the results will tell you which of the areas you want most.Page 16/17 is a typical resume for a hrd specialist. Your key competencies after graduation.You can use it on your resume/cv .

I already submit my friend’s work to make similar but please donot copy

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