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February 25, 2021
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February 25, 2021

Human Resource Career Management Portfolio

Option #1: Career Management Portfolio Annotated Table of Contents

There are two components for this Portfolio Project: a career management portfolio (which is to be developed, but not submitted), and an annotated career management table of contents portfolio (which will be submitted at the end of Week 8).

Career Management Portfolio
A career management portfolio should be tailored to your individual needs. You were encouraged to outline your career management portfolio in Week 3, and then structure and expand your portfolio each week through in-class discussions and assignments, and out-of-class research. Your career management portfolio will not be submitted as an assignment, but is intended to be a work-in-progress to be used and developed over a career lifetime. As described in Module 3, the elements of a career management portfolio can include, but are not limited to, the following:

Part 1: Career Planning Part 2: Career Development Tools Part 3: Career Management
Career success definition Skills improvement plan Professional development plan
Skills inventory Career goals Career networking contacts
Current job description Resumes and bios Promotion criteria
Achievements (newspaper clippings, certificates) Letters of recommendation Mentoring plan
Transcripts Industry handbook Industry trends
Volunteer work history Interview checklists and videos Workforce trends
Professional memberships Negotiation skills refreshers Updated career success definition

Annotated Career Management Portfolio Table of Contents
Use your career management portfolio to develop an annotated career management table of contents (TOC) portfolio, to be submitted at the end of Week 8. The TOC will include the following three parts, as described in Module 3:

  • Part 1: Career Planning
  • Part 2: Career Development Tools
  • Part 3: Career Management

In the annotated TOC, each part (1, 2, and 3) should contain a list of portfolio elements. For each portfolio element, include the title and a one-paragraph explanation (with credit to sources through citations). Both required and optional portfolio elements will be included in the TOC. Those required elements of the TOC include:

  • Original and current career success definition
  • Self-assessment
  • Skills inventory
  • Career path
  • Career evaluation methods
  • Career decision making and reflections

Optional portfolio elements are unlimited, and you are encouraged to expand and adjust the portfolio to meet your individual needs.

Your well-written, annotated TOC should also meet the following requirements:

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