Financial Ratio Analysis
February 25, 2021
Human Resource Management – Week 4 Case and Exercises
February 25, 2021

Human resource management

Writing Assignment #4 Submit the topic for Paper #4 no later than the 4th class.

HRM Topic of Your Choice

Write an 8-12 page research paper on any human resources topic that allows for the application of strategic human resources management principles and strategies, with the exception of recruiting or onboarding, which were covered by Assignment 3.

Topics include (BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO) performance management; employee engagement; retention, workforce planning, training, compensation practices; sales compensation; executive compensation; global HR; labor relations; employee benefits; employee health care benefits; outsourcing/off-shoring, HR use of technology, government relations; employee-management communications; employee turnover; diversity; inclusion, etc.

The paper needs to display your understanding of strategic human resource management and how it fits with overall organizational strategy. Describe how this area fits into an effective strategic HR strategy.

Discuss the best practices of the area you select as discussed in the text or other sources.

This is a research paper. Thus, in addition to the text and other course materials, you are expected to include information from 6 other sources. These sources should be substantial articles (more than one or two pages) from academic or professional publications or websites. Websites primarily devoted to advertising for consulting services or materials are not appropriate for this paper.

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