Answer all the questions correctly
February 8, 2021
Interpersonal Listening
February 8, 2021

Human Resource Management U2C

Unit 2 Completed Section

Job Design & HR Planning

1.) Would you be more or less attracted to an organization that used online recruiting only? Explain your answer.

2.) What are the advantages and disadvantages to online applications and how would they be advantageous in your company or not considering your company culture?

3.) Are there any methods described in Chapter 5 that could be adapted for online screening?

4.) What are the legal implications for using a standardized application?

5.) Would you be more or less attracted to an organization that required a video resumè? Explain your answer.


APA Format

300 words each

3 references per question, one can be the reading material that is provided.

Please keep the answers separated like the question that are provided

Bethel University. (2013). Human Resource Management, An Experimental Approach, Sixth Edition. Retrieved from

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