I need help with my FIN 371 Week One Individual Assignment
January 12, 2021
SWOT- Opportunities and Threats
January 12, 2021

Human Resource workforce plan and analysis of the current state.

Submit a 4-5 page paper analyzing the current state of the workforce for your chose company. The company I chose is FedEx. This information will be used as part of the final Human Resource workforce Plan. Within the current analysis of the current state, address the following: I. Competency Gaps

  • What is the current state of the workforce of your company? a. Based on the company’s strategic goals, are there gaps in the competencies of the current workforce? Explain how you identified these gaps (or lack of gaps). b. Does the company systematically identify competency (or skill) gaps for workforce planning and development purposes? If so, explain their current process, including the types of data used for analysis. If not, provide a framework for identifying gaps in the current workforce. c. What is the current human resources strategy for your company? Is it integrated with the company’s business strategy? II. Strategies a. What is the talent development strategy for your organization? Is it apparent to employees? b. Does this strategy align with employee goals? Discuss. c. Does the strategy align with organizational goals? Discuss. III. Training a. Identify the training and employee development needs at your company. b. Are these needs currently integrated in a training and development program? Explain. I have attached the milestone two rubric and guidelines as well as the milestone one paper that has also the information for FedEx. Please follow all guidelines provided in milestone two and above. Here are the websites to get all information needed. http://about.van.fedex.com/ and http://investors.fedex.com/company-overview/missio..

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