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January 13, 2021
Government Intervention and Regional Economic Integration
January 13, 2021

Hypothetical Analysis

I page for each hypothetical question with responses please: Attached lecture notes for the week.

Hypothetical One:
The NGO/non-profit/charity you represent is throwing a gala in Washington DC, and your sales team is selling tickets for 10,000 dollars a plate. The President of the United States will be attending and speaking at the event. A cocktail session is scheduled to be held for an hour before the event, where attendees can talk and network with the President and other influential attendees. Would giving a ticket for free to the Russian Ambassador be bribery? What if you were trying to seek a change in legislature in Russia and wanted the Russian Ambassador to hear your entity’s message? Would your answer change if it was the Ambassador from the United Kingdom? How about if the ticket was instead provided to a Saudi Arabian businessman?

Hypothetical 2:

The senior vice president of sales for the energy company you work for comes to you and states that he is going to be flying to the United Arab Emirates to meet with representatives of several emirates and local businesses. He is interested in planning a dinner at a four or five star/diamond restaurant in order to present your company’s business plan for growth and new job opportunities in the UAE. He states that a contingency from Germany, one from China, and one from Japan have already beaten him to the punch and given their presentations, as well as presented gifts to the individuals from the UAE. He would like to do the same and states that he does not think this is a bribe, just a business dinner and that it is culturally acceptable to give gifts to new potential business partners. How do you respond regarding the business dinner? Gifts? What about a pen with your company’s logo on it? What do you say when your VP of sales brings up examples of what the other groups from Germany, China, and Japan have done? Remember, this is the senior VP of sales for your large company, and he does not want to take no for an answer.

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