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December 28, 2020
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December 28, 2020

I need help in assignment ?

This paper has to be 4-5 pages in APA format /style.

Can you please help me in this criminal justice assignment .. In section 2 of the paper we are trying to help the chief understand what she needs to know about her own jurisdiction to know if these two phenomenon are a problem for her. Remember, don’t assume that since you have explained the subject to the chief she will know how to determine if this is an issue for her. We need to explain to her what she needs to look for and how. here are some questions that can be used to guide what you write:

1. Are there factors that elevate a person’s (or the person’s house) risk?

  • Are there neighborhood factors?
  • Are there individual factors?

2. Are there differences in rural and urban settings?

  • Is the risk the same for everyone regardless of where they live (urban, suburban, rural)?
  • If not, what accounts for the differences?

3. What is exactly is she looking for?

  • What type of data is important to collect and analyze?

4. Can this type of phenomenon be prevented?

  • If so, how?

For you assistance, I have attached a copy of a book chapter that some of you have used. The chapter is about how to prevent repeat victimization. The findings with respect to the individual cases are not nearly as important as the overall conclusions that can be drawn as to whether or not repeat victimization can be prevented and how would it be best to do so. This is the type of material you are looking for.

Please you have to read from the attached chapter File attached farrell_Pease.pdf. Then the other files are 7 articles which you need to use in the essay including citation

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