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February 14, 2021
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February 15, 2021

im looking for help with business class to do business plan assignment

Business Plan:

General Format – You can do this project individually or up to teams of four – however, if you do this individually, I would expect a five-ten page report, teams of two a 10 page report; teams of three a 15 page report, or teams of four a 20 page report.

Tentative Outline of the Business Plan:

  • With your new knowledge and understanding of business and entrepreneurship, you will now have the opportunity to create a plan for a new or existing business. Your plan should include:
  • Executive Summary. The business plan must begin with a one page summary that orients the reader as to the contents as well as to the major sections of the report. The summary, by itself, must provide enough information about the project so that the reader can judge simply by reading this portion if he or she wants to read further.
  • Introduction. This first segment should present a brief history of the organization and its local operations. Be brief and succinct, but make sure that the reader can obtain a perspective of the organization.
  • Body. Suggested headings for your business plan include the following:
  • Conclusion. In conclusion, please explain why or why not you think your business will be a viable business opportunity. What solutions could you recommend? What timelines would you offer the company? Please justify your reasoning.

1. FORM OF BUSINESS OWNERSHIP (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation)

2. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE (ownership and management)

3. LICENSES NEEDED – such as contractors license, etc.

4. MARKETING PLAN – using the 4 P’s of marketing.

5. PRODUCT/SERVICE PLAN – What products/services being offered the first year.

6. ADVERTISING – What form of advertising will you use the first year?

7. OPERATION PLAN – location, will you make or buy your product.

8. SWOT ANALYSIS – Determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that pertain to your business.

9. FINANCIAL PLAN – Make an income statement for the first year (please be realistic). Also include how you will acquire funding. YOU MUST HAVE A FINANCIAL PLAN – IT IS MANDATORY.

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