Based on your research and understanding of the above proposed solutions, what do you recommend should be done about this issue?
September 6, 2018
Imagine that you just won a lottery jackpot of $100,000. If you expect inflation to accelerate, should you buy that home you’ve been thinking of now? What would you decide if the rate of inflation is negative? Respond to a classmate:
September 6, 2018

In your own words, what is critical thinking? Do you believe the payoff of critical thinking is worth the effort? Why or why not?


Yarianie post  100 words


When it comes down to Freud, childhood experience shapes personality. The conditions of physical drive satisfaction in early life determine character structure. A strong ego, capable of umpiring the forces of the unconscious, must develop gradually, protected from psychic trauma and supported by nurturant and guiding parents in areas it cannot yet master. From a Freudian perspective, the parents are credited or more often blamed for the child’s personality. Three important stages before the age of 5 shape personality, if a child’s needs are met in these early years, and if there is not traumatic experience then healthy development occurs. The third of these stages occurs from about age 3 to 5, a critical time for the development of masculinity(In boys) and a sense of morality (superego).



At birth baby can be quiet or energetic at that time. When we used the word temperament its referred to when kids behavior and emotional reactions from early life onward, this is caused by biological factors. After birth environmental factors and maturation interact with a child temperament to shape their personality. Also having to do  with personality is the brain, hormones and neurotransmitters. I have a little cousin at birth he was quiet baby after couple months went by he started crying little more wanting to be pick up. He was involved in baby shaking syndrome where he had small bleed on brain and fractured arm. Now as we come past that incident he has become very temperament. You can give him spanking and it does nothing to him at all.

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A focus on personality dynamics are the motivations that direct a certain type of behavior. Motivation drives behavior into a certain direction. There are theories that suggest motives change from one person to another. Their motives can be driven by sexual motivation, developmental motivation, achievement motivation, power motivation, or nurture motivation.

The motivation that direct an individuals behavior has always fascinated me. In my line of work there are incentives that drive individuals to meet goals, but those incentives do not work on some. This makes me analyze a persons behavior and figure out another way to motivate employees. Some care about achieving goals and standing out individually, others are motivated by income and family, while some want to develop their skills and move up in the company.

Motivation does change the behavior of most. If at the end of the road the set incentive is not what the individual is motivated by they will give the minimal amount of work. Everyone is different and it shows in the behavior.

We have ways to motivate people at work. If we add an incentive to complete a task that includes cash some people work really hard to complete the task first others would rather not have the cash but some time off to be with their families.

What is grappling, and why is it important? How does grappling relate to your ability to think critically? Describe a time when you used grappling in your personal or professional life, and discuss the effect it had on the outcome of the situation. 50 words

In your own words, what is critical thinking?

Do you believe the payoff of critical thinking is worth the effort?

Why or why not? 50 words


What are the three basic functions of the mind? What role does each function serve? 50 words

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