Risk Management Practices
January 10, 2021
Financial Statements Research for a Publicly-Traded Company
January 10, 2021

Individual Assignment – Chapter 16 Writing Activity CT16-4

This problem can be found at the end of Chapter 16

You should read all of Chapter 16 before you begin this assignment.

You must complete all 3 parts of the problem to earn full credit. You must submit your response in Word.

You should draft your response in memo form. You do not need to worry about APA formatting or references.

You should take special note of the instructions of the problem. Those say “Answer her questions and include any additional information you think would be helpful”. You should take that literally. I’d like you to write a memo about production costs, equivalent units, and production reports in general. Your memo should be at least 750 words.

Here’s the library link


My login email is foluke33@email.phoenix.edu

password is Jehova33@ the J is capital letter

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