July 8, 2020
July 8, 2020


Sustainable Development Course :


This paper is very flexible and a chance to pursue a topic or issue of particular interest to you.


50 percent of final course grade. ( No plagarism, as will be posted in turnitin.com by the prof which catches plagarism).


Length, 13 to 15 pages excluding, title page, table of contents, list of figures and reference list. I like diagrams, tables, photos, etc. they do however have to relate to your topic and be properly credited and numbered


·         You must state a problem or hypothesis that leads to a solution,  

·         You must relate business/business management to the WCED framework,

·         The project must be applied, that is you must develop your treaties in such a way that it would be of practical value to the business community at some level, local, regional national, international. It is preferred you use hard data, and where possible use interviews, surveys, etc. that you have constructed yourself,


Topics as was noted above must conform to the WCED framework. You may however concentrate on one of the elements, social, economic, environmental. You do not need to cover all three if you do not want to. Of course, you can cover all three if it suits your topic


You might also want to take a political or philosophical stance on a certain issue, say corporate governance of a specific company and show the issues or problems related to that business or prove that most of what they do is green washing. You might also take a historic approach and show how a particular company, or conference (the Rio Conference) has affected public or business attitude toward sustainability and the environment.


Any topic can be used which you are interested on, but must cover Economic, Social, Environmental, as it is a sustainable development course.


Diagrams,tables,photos relating to the topic must be in the paper.




final mark will be based on your ability to think critically. There will only be limited marks for description and information. There will be no marks if things are not reference properly.


 APA format, double spaced, No plagarism

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