One of the goals of finance management is to maximize shareholder wealth
December 27, 2020
Problem Solving and Decision Making
December 27, 2020

Industry and organization description

there is only 1 section 300 words as its a team assignment o will provide the first weeks paper to work off of that was the introduction this will be on change

Include the following in the paper:

  • Introduction
    • Industry and organization description
    • Current executive leadership structure
    • How effective the current leadership team is at providing strategic leadership
    • Provide a critique of the organization’s mission statement and strategic vision.
    • Discuss whether or not the long-term vision is adaptive and supports change or is rigid and resists change.
  • Change
    • Describe the nature of the change.
    • Identify the role leadership played during the change.
    • Was the change successful?
    • How did the organization deal with resistance?
    • What influence would mindful leadership have on resistance to change?
    • Discuss the role of intra and entrepreneurial competencies have as applied to organizational leadership during change.
  • Conclusion

Cite at least 2 peer reviewed sources other than your textbook.

Format consistent with APA guidelines.

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