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February 26, 2021
Unit 8 discussion 2
February 26, 2021

Informative Speech Video, Outline & Peer Responses

Informative Speech Video, Outline & Peer Responses

  1. Students will present a 5 minute speech video informing the audience about a specific Object, Process, Concept, or Event. Post the video in a reply to this discussion; the video is worth 100 points.
  2. Students should create an outline, which should be cut-and-pasted into the body of your reply to this discussion – you can put the outline under the video in your reply; the outline is worth 50 points. The outline can be used as the student’s speaker notes, but the speech itself should be delivered extemporaneously. Here is a guide on a basic outline: Basic Outline Logic and Example_06292017.docx I only require a simple/key word outline. Your textbook also has excellent examples!
  3. Respond to two other students by Sunday 11:59PM using the peer review questions below; responses are worth 25 points per each of the two students = 50 points total.
  4. Purpose: Requiring an informative speech gives students experience in a kind of speaking that is common in business and professional situations. The complete informative speech video assignment is 200 points.

Post your video and your outline (copy and paste the outline into the body of the discussion reply) , . (The video is worth 100 points and the outline is worth 50 points).

Respond to two other people’s videos , 11:59PM (The response to 2 other people is worth 50 points = 25 points for each of the two people to whom you respond). Answer with the following peer review comments:

  • What one thing did you learn from the speaker’s presentation?
  • What did you like about the presentation?
  • What – if anything – would you suggest for improvement?

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