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January 12, 2021
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January 12, 2021

International Experience Trip (Reflection Paper)


1- 9 pages

2- Double space

3- 12 Font

Section 1 (3 pages)

Describe your overall perceptions of your experience in Hong Kong. Specially outline what most surprised you about the community and what felt closest to your own experience in the U.S. Finally reflect on how this program will help you function in the global economy.

1- Positive experience

2- Loved the culture and historical sites (Lantau Island, Nan Lian garden,

3- Organized and clean

4- City life and nature

5- very safe city compared to many cities in the US

6- Many people speak English

7- Bargaining allowed in Hong Kong but it’s not common to Bargain in the US

8- Air conditioner does not turn off in buildings even though the climate is cold

Section 2 (3 subsections, each 2 pages, for a total of 6 pages)

Choose three of the visits, two from one city and one from the other. Describe the major issues explored through that visit. Use a range of sources to support your assessment and your conclusions. Sources should include traditional publications, journals and insights from visits.

1- Invest Hong Kong (The environment of doing business in HK)

A- Location (heart of Asia)

B- One country, two systems

C- Low and simple tax system

D- Very fast internet speed

E- Have some of the best universities worldwide

F- Nice lifestyle

G- Free trade with 5 countries

2- Lee Jeans

• “Winning in Asia through Localization”

• Overview of VF

• Lee Jeans Through the Asia lens

• It’s considered a prime brand in Asia

• Second biggest jean’s brand in Asia

• The Lee Jeans company did many research about human’s body to improve their product and make them look sexier by matching them with the human’s shape. More specifically Asian’s women body. Instagram generation cares about curves.

3- Crossroads foundation

A- History of the company

B- What they do?

C- Carefully choose toys that match the culture or the area they are sending it to (Sending a gun toy to a country where they have a war or recent history of war)

D- Global X-perience simulation

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