peer review
December 29, 2020
Discussion Board 2
December 29, 2020

International Marketing

Assignment 3: This assignment relates to the market potential estimation methods described in the article. Amazon has decided to enter country CountryA. We have two very similar countries CountryA and CountryB whose data are given below.

  1. Number of households for CountryA = 40 million.
  2. Number of households for CountryB = 30 million.
  3. Percentage of households subscribing to in CountryB = 20%
  4. Percentage of households having Internet in CountryA = 65%
  5. Literacy rate in CountryA = 97%
  6. Percentage of households with substantial purchasing power in Country A = 70%

Task 1: Estimate market potential for Amazon in CountryA using Chain Ratio Method and Method of Analogy. Show your work.

Task2: Comment on the difference in estimation.

I want to do around 350 words.

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