Strategic Communications – (1,500 Words)
January 5, 2021
Complete Business Systems Discussion Post NO PLAGIARISM
January 5, 2021

Interview a Tourism and Hospitality Industry person.

Module Projects- The purpose of each project is to provide you with experience in demonstrating knowledge of how the tourism and hospitality industry works and build your capacity for knowing how to handle an assignment when you are in your working career. For each assignment your objective is to complete the following three sections:

  1. Report: In this section of your work provide your answer to the project assignment. Insert your interview summary. I am more interested in your questions and a summary of the answer given to you.
  2. Process: Show your thinking about the steps you took to complete the assignment. For instance what steps did you take to prepare your answer? What sources did you use and how did you arrive at your decision? How did you select your questions? How did you select the interviewee?
  3. Evaluation: Evaluate what you learned and what you will improve on the next time you have an assignment like this one. There could be personal statements starting with I learned, I surprised myself or next time I will definitely.

Module – Interview a tourism and hospitality industry person. In the second unit you were introduced to several industries that are part of travel and tourism. In the remaining chapters you will learn about additional careers. Select a person that you do not know and determine what questions you will ask in your interview. The quality of your questions will impact your grade. Complete the interview and then evaluate yourself on what you will do the next time you get the opportunity to interview a person. Your 3 page report will have three parts- 1. what you determined to be your answer, 2. how you went about your work, and 3. what you would improve next time you have such an assignment. Be sure to complete all three areas and be thorough in your report.

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