Mastering management and taking leadership responsibilities
December 29, 2020
Critical Thinking 6 MGT 630
December 29, 2020

Job Duties and Characteristics referencing KSAO

Use either your current position or a position that you would like to obtain to create job duties and at least three KSAOs (knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics).

Answer the following questions in 350 words for each KSAO. Entire paper must not exceed 1050 words:

  • Is the KSAO necessary prior to hiring, or can it be trained?
  • What is the importance of each characteristic relative to the others?
  • What is the approximate time the employee will spend on each duty?

I need a intro and conclusion and each bullet answered in about 310 words.

One other reference besides the book as well please. APA format and nooo plagiarism!!!

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