Human resource: Labor and employee relations
February 6, 2021
Identify Target Market for Stitch Fix
February 6, 2021

journal multicultural and anti-bias

The topics are as follows:

  1. Learner Development
  2. Learning Differences
  3. Learning Environments
  4. Content Knowledge
  5. Application of Content
  6. Assessment
  7. Planning for Instruction
  8. Instructional Strategies
  9. Professional Learning and Ethical Practice
  10. Leadership and Collaboration

For the final journal, you will think about the above topics and how they are aligned with the main content covered within this course. This course is focused on multicultural and anti-bias issues that support you in developing cultural competence in working with children and families in early childhood settings. With this in mind, describe how you will demonstrate cultural competence in five of the exam topic areas of your choosing.

For each chosen topic area, develop a commitment statement that you can use in your future role.

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