Grantham University Week 6 South Town Medical Center Case Study
December 29, 2020
Media Event Social Media Marketing World
December 29, 2020

Labor and employee relations


Click both The King Company Background and Employee Relations to review information on the Company.

Also read The Correct Way to Terminate an Employee.


Address the following issues in a well-integrated assignment. Bring in information from readings and research to help strengthen and validate your writing.

  • What should have taken place before the decision was made to terminate Lyle Jones (email 5)? What should be done now regarding Lyle’s termination?
  • Concerning Tonia Putt’s termination (email 9) what should be done now?

Bring in information from at least 2 Trident Online Library sources to help strengthen and validate your discussion.

Provide private-sector employer examples of HRM programs, systems, processes, and/or procedures as you address the assignment requirements. Provide names of the employers. Use different employer examples in this course than what have been used previously in your other papers and courses.

Bring in related court case decisions to help augment your discussion, if applicable.

Paper length: 3-4 pages (not counting the cover and reference pages).

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