Grounded Theory and Ethnography Assignment DQ APA FORMAT
January 14, 2021
Defence excuses and effects on the victim
January 14, 2021

latest fashion with its varieties of footwear and accessories

Pedro Company in Singapore has become an example of latest fashion with its varieties of footwear and accessories. This has made it gain a more significant market share since most urban residents get new trends in Pedro stores. Women are now confident about their wardrobes because of these latest designs in bags which are always sophisticated. Some of their products are also cheap to ensure that they are economically available to all its customers. Furthermore, the brands’ identity has increased, and this is the reason why it is expanding

Discuss these 2 parts

1. marketing Objectives ( in picture and the sample )

2. Market Segmentation ( in picture and the sample ) 1/2 to 3/4 pages

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