Case Study 1 MAT510 Statistical thinking Improving business performance
February 24, 2021
Interview a business professional of your choice
February 24, 2021

Law Office Technology

Use the sample To Do List, the Microsoft Excel workbook. You may use it and change it, or start a new one. Complete it according to the directions in the directions spreadsheet.

To Do List

If you have trouble with “filling in” dates and days of the week, because the “fill handle” method is not working for you see the attached Microsoft Word document or use help in Excel.

Dates Using Fill Handle

Next create a Powerpoint with at least at least ten slides. They should be slides useful for a meeting of a small or medium firm considering the case management programs LexisNexis Case Map, Quickbooks, and . Note that the text has helps for PowerPoints. You may use a picture or publicly useable graphics, but do not add sound.

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