The Marketing Mix
February 14, 2021
Money and the Prices in the Long Run and Open Economies
February 14, 2021

List and define the four major types of leadership

Please answer these Two Questions: (Read carefully and make sure answer ALL in detail)

2 pages to two and half pages, and APA style

  1. Leadership: What is the meaning of Super-leadership? List and define the four major types of leadership as discussed in class, and then discuss how Super-leadership is best achieved and maintained in the firm. Finally, discuss why Super-leadership is important.
  2. We looked at strategy through the lens of four different approaches; Industrial organization view, market or customer view, quality and total quality management view and finally, game theory view. Summarize these different views and explain how they are relevant to strategic management. Is one better than the others? Why? What’s there proper place in today’s organizations?

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