define the phrase corrido tradition and cultural conflict on the south texas border that relate to thoreau, bilbao and o’ O’Sullivan ( five
November 16, 2020
Unit III American History I “PowerPoint”
November 16, 2020

LOCAL HISTORY report 5 page


Many areas of the U.S. can claim a rich history with respect to media organizations, personalities, content, and developments.  But southwest Ohio’s claim is especially rich, given the pioneering work of a number of inventors, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

The Assignment

In this project, you will choose a particular individual, organization, innovation, or piece of media content based in southwest Ohio (we’ll loosely define the region as an area within 100 miles of Oxford) and prepare a multimedia research presentation designed to illuminate that subject.

There are dozens of possibilities in the region, including several very good ones in Oxford, believe it or not.  Not having access to a car will not be a problem.

The requirements of the project are purposely inexact, given all of the possibilities for completing it.  However, it must have the following elements:

1.         The subject individual, program, organization, practice, etc. must have been primarily

sited locally.

2.         Something about your subject must have been significant or noteworthy beyond the local


3.         It must concern the media in some way:  newspapers, magazines, books, film, radio,

            television, online, etc.

4.         Your report must be researched using credible sources.  These are traditionally vetted

            publications such as newspapers, magazines, journals, books, etc.  You will be limited to

            at most one online source and one personal communication as sources. 

5.         Statements of fact outside of general knowledge must be documented.

6.         Your written report should be around five pages, double-spaced, and must include at least

            one other form of media (sound, video, still photo.)

7.         You should prepare a formal presentation of approximately five to seven minutes to the

            class summarizing your report.


Your project will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

1.         Research:  quality, credibility, and variety of sources.

2.         Originality:  extent to which project demonstrated novelty and has a new and unexpected

            story to tell.

3.         Technical Quality:  word choice, grammar, syntax, punctuation.

4.         Organization:  the degree to which the project makes a cogent argument and does so

            efficiently, without repetition.

5.         Presentation:  Relevance of accompanying media; evidence of forethought and

            preparation in written and in-class delivery.

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