Probable Cause
February 14, 2021
Unit: Summarize and Present Information in a Meaningful Way
February 14, 2021

Location Strategy Paper

  1. CHOOSE A COMPANY:Individually, you will each choose a company to analyze by yourself. You will choose a company to analyze that others presenting on the same date have NOT chosen for the individual project.
  2. PREPARE AN ANALYSIS PAPER: You will prepare a research paper according to the guidelines presented below using APA format. Please use headers as provided below to avoid forfeiting points. Papers will vary in length according to student writing styles, although comprehensive analysis is likely to require a minimum of Qty 8-10 pages for students.
  3. Please use headers to section your paper exactly as noted below, otherwise your paper is likely to be returned to you uncorrected. You will forfeit your points.
  4. APA Format:Please see the APA Publication Manual or the library website for guidelines. Reminder: If the content of the paper is not your original thought, or your original findings, you must cite the source appropriately.

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