July 8, 2020
July 8, 2020



LP6 Assignment: Protein Requirements

Identify the role of protein in the body.

Directions: In this assignment you will write an essay on protein requirements. Begin by performing an Internet search for “high protein diets.” Review several websites and choose the one that interests you most; be sure your selection adequately outlines the high protein diet plan. Critique the high protein diet you’ve researched (be sure to include the link in which you analyzed). The critique should include the following:

1. A summary of the diet.
2. Identify the most important facts about the diet.
3. State your opinion about the diet.
4. Support your opinion with relevant facts or research.

Next, analyze your own protein intake. You should collect, organize, and report data related to your own protein requirements. For your analysis, you should:

1. Use your own weight (or a fictitious weight if you are uncomfortable using your own), and figure your own protein needs based on your weight in kilograms, the RDA for protein at 0.8 grams/kg body weight.
2. Collect your data.
3. Record your results.

After reviewing the high protein diet and analyzing your own protein requirements, write a two-page report comparing your protein requirements to that of the high protein diet. Provide a list of foods that the plan recommends the person eat and compare that to your own diet findings. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the high protein diet from a nutritional standpoint and provide a rationale why someone may choose to be, or should not be, on a high protein diet.

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