Discussion Question
December 25, 2020
global busness law week 3
December 25, 2020

MAnagament assig 8

write a two-page (not including title and reference pages) Research Paper identifying the key components of information systems management discussed throughout this course. Provide a description of an organization you are familiar with (possibly a company you have worked for in the past or are currently working for) and describe briefly what services they contribute. Then, select three out of the six questions below, and provide detailed answers, supporting those answers by referencing any sources used. Be sure to use examples from your research to strengthen your argument as needed.  What personal knowledge management tools does this organization utilize?  What steps has this organization taken in securing their information and knowledge?  What has this organization done to gain and sustain an advantage over their competitors?  Describe in detail how this organization manages the components of its IT infrastructure.  In what ways does the organization demonstrate successful collaboration?  Identify at least two types of hardware and two types of software used by this organization.

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