OLAP Data Cube Essay (Related to IT Business Intelligence Tool)
December 6, 2020
Role the government should play in correcting marketing failures
December 6, 2020


  1. Describe your initial thoughts on employee engagement after watching the video? i.e., were you aware of engagement, what do you think about engagement now, do you consider it important, etc.
  2. Which is most important – (according to you) employee engagement or employee happiness?
    1. Explain why you feel this way.
  3. As a prospective manager, what would you do to ensure your direct reports are and/or remain engaged on the job?
    1. Hint: throwing parties, granting time off, and giving employee raises is not within your purview – Keep it real!
  4. Describe your biggest take-away (i.e., what did you learn)?


  • 300 written words
  • APA/MLA – 1” margins – double spaced – real sentences – spelling/grammar all count.

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