February 21, 2021
Public Speaking
February 21, 2021

Management in Practice: Diagnosing the causes of the organisational challenge.

Assignment 1: Individual Report – Diagnosing the causes of the organisational challenge.

Length: Maximum of 3000 words

Requirements for the assignment:

  • Examine the data provided by the partner organisation (Aurecon – engineering consultant in Singapore) and undertake your own research to find more relevant data.
    • Have you got all the data you need? What other data would be helpful?
  • Analyse the data you have collected using appropriate management tools and theories
    • External organisational analysis
    • Internal organisational analysis
  • Explain how the nature of the challenge is a result of the combination of external and internal factors that you have discovered through your research and subsequently re-define the management challenge as a problem that can be solved through the combination of management theory and practice. (Note: we are not expecting you to provide the solution at this stage – just re-define the problem through a management theory lens)
  • Write a business report describing the nature of the challenge through the particular management lens that you are viewing the problem (we will provide you with a list from which you can choose, or you can choose your own.)
  • Include reference in Harvard format.

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