Marketing Communication and Brand Strategy
February 14, 2021
Effective Acceptance of a Contract
February 14, 2021

Managing Across Cultures

write a report about managing across cultures 1500 words

i have the introduction and the source to use every thing is ready


In today’s global economy, working with people from different cultures is becoming the norm. Although this brings many rewards it also introduces challenges for both workers and management alike. All managers know that motivating their staff is the key to successful business. To do this, they must understand what drives their staff. But if their staff seem to think and behave in unexpected ways? This can happen when people from different cultures work together. Organizations are beginning to realize the importance of training their managers to become inter-culturally competent in order to ensure their staff continues to be motivated and productive.

The main issues to be discussed in this report are:

(1) Could the ‘‘culture-specific’’ argument be used as an explanatory construct for

explaining quality management?

(2) Is there a difference in quality priorities, practices and performance across

national cultures?

(3) What are the managerial implications?

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