Strategies to Address Cultural Diversity in Educational Institutions Case
February 4, 2021
Justice System and if it is a Bureaucratic Assembly
February 4, 2021

Managing Human Resource _Chapter questions

Citation on each answer please. This is not a paper, answer each question individually and each should be cited


1. Explain the difference between a firm’s corporate strategy and business strategy. Why do firms need to look at both aspects?

2. What are some of the barriers to advancement opportunities for women and minorities in your organization (AT&T)? Other organizations?

3. Which topic did you find the most interesting in the Chapter reading? Corprate Culture is most interesting ……


1. Employers are required by law to provide specific benefits to employees. What laws mandate benefits to employees, and what are the provisions of those laws?

2. Many organizations are concerned about the rising cost of employee benefits and question their value to the organization and to the employees.


1. What major HR issues must be addressed as an organization moves from an international form to a multinational, global, and transnational form? Thoughts?

2. What are the major differences between labor-management relations in Europe and those in the United States? Do you believe that codetermination will ever become popular in the United States? Explain your position.

3. Starbucks is opening new stores abroad every day, it seems. If you were in charge, would you use expatriate managers or host-country nationals to staff the new facilities? Explain your thinking.

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