Which business organizational form would be best given the above circumstances, and why
February 5, 2021
two separate discussion question (must answer separately)
February 5, 2021

Marketing Questions

Please answer each question in 150 words minimum. Cite your references and match each reference with each question.

Q1. Marketing Management

Review the various jobs in the marketing organization. What areas appeal to you and why?

Q2. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

In the last decade or so, sustainability has become a major factor in corporate social responsibility. What is sustainability? How do companies attempt to be sustainable? On what dimensions do programs that judge corporate social responsibility and sustainability do so?

Q3. Controls in Marketing Plans

For a marketing plan to be successful, there must be controls built in to evaluate the progression of the implementation of the plan. What are some of those controls?

Q4. Internal Marketing

What is the purpose of internal marketing? How does it play out? How does it relate to the other components of holistic marketing?Why is it important?

Q5. Cause Marketing

What is cause marketing? What are some of the most successful cause marketing programs? Why were they so successful?

Q6. Marketing Practices

What are important trends in marketing practices?

Q7. Responsible Marketers

How can companies be socially responsible marketers?

Q8. Marketers Need to Succeed

What do marketers need to do to succeed in the future?

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