February 25, 2021
HR Discussion Question
February 25, 2021

Meeting and Planning Journal Unit 6

International Transportation Planning

In a minimum posting of 200 words, plan transportation for a group of 50 to and from (pick one) Chicago, Illinois; New York City, New York; or Los Angeles, California. The transportation should be round-trip, from their airport of departure to either the cities of (pick one) Paris, Barcelona, or Dubai, for a ten-day trip departing on the day this unit ends.

During the day the group will need transportation around the city, with three days scheduled for site seeing and the rest in meetings, practice, or instruction at the hotel. Do not forget to consider time zone differences.

Choose a group for this posting from the following:

  • Architects continuing education program
  • Dancers in competition
  • Corporate CEOs’ retreat
  • A City Planners Association annual conference
  • Security Technology or Healthcare Industry Trade Show

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