Hot topic week 6
February 25, 2021
Take the original spreadsheet and delete the columns that will not be necessary in your analysis
February 25, 2021

MEMO Assignment

Pick a town in one of the following counties (NO EXCEPTIONS – do not ask me to choose a town in another county):

  • Los Angeles
  • Orange
  • Riverside
  • San Bernardino
  • San Diego

This is the town you will use for your research paper. Once it is selected, you may not change the town. Keep in mind the following because this is what the project will include. You will look at the census data for the town you have chosen and identify their demographics. You will think of a business you feel would be beneficial for this town. You can choose a large metropolitan city, or a smaller suburb. Keep in mind, the larger your town, the more research and time you will spend to discover information. In a correctly formatted 1-Page MEMO report addressed to Dr. Lambe Papoulias in 3rd person point of view:

  1. Reasoning to why you chose this town.
  2. Describe your selected town in detail, focusing on demographics (median age, median income, social demographics, etc.).
  3. Identify a particular type of business that you think would appeal to the majority demographic you have identified. Avoid suggesting things like franchises. Think about unusual businesses or services that would particularly appeal to the local residents. For example, a skatepark might not be the best kind of business where the majority of people are retirees.

You should be familiar with a MEMO format. Please see the Memos section in your BWH to refresh your memory, and/or visit the following website:

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