Suppose that one day gilligan (the castaway) eats a magical island plant that turns him into an expert at everything. in particular it now takes him just half an hour to pick a court of berries and 15
November 21, 2020
Using the learning resources, analyze the nature of “the other” in Roman mythology.  The other might be a monster, a villain, or an enemy.  Is there anything alike to this in our world today?  Wh
November 21, 2020

Mexican Revolution

Topic: The Mexican Revolution ended a long time ago, in the year 1920. We are now in the year 2017 and I want you to take and elaborate the following stand: In the form of a letter, explain to a close friend or relative what was the motive for the Mexican Revolution to occur. For instance, was it a battle of social class? If so, what was accomplished for this social class involved in the battle? Was it a battle that came about in order to restore a specific order for the nation? If so, what was that order? Was it a battle in which there were good people and bad people? If so, why were these good/bad people involved in this battle and what did they get out of it? What is a battle of gender ideals? How so and for what result?

In your essay, you must provide the following.

1. Use any four or five murals that illustrate your stand.

2. Quote two articles we have read in class to further prove your argument.

Your essay must be typed, double-spaced, font 12. Use word, pages (mac) or OneNote. Make this final two pages long (no more than three pages).

This is the format I want you to use for your final essay:

Prof. Name

Your name


Dear …. (since this is addressed to a close friend or relative)

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