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February 24, 2021
Situational Leadership Theory and Organizational Leadership
February 24, 2021

Milestone Two: Risk Analysis (Section III) and Risk Management Strategies (Section IV)

For Milestone Two, you will submit a draft of the Risk Analysis section (III) and the Risk Management Strategies section (IV) of the final project. You will analyze the different risks that the company faces and the impact of these risks in regard to the company’s environment. Additionally, you will recommend risk management techniques that minimize the risk and maximize the return for the company.

For additional details, please refer to the following documents:

Actually, I did my first paper about this instructions and my tutor thought there are some problems and I I paraphrased his comments below:

Instructor Feedback

Risk Management Strategies: Technique: You’ve presented a lot of thoughtful information on IBM but have not dedicated enough focus to the subject of risk management strategies to earn points for this section. You need to take the the risks identified earlier in your paper and relate them to the four approaches for risk management; avoidance, reduction, transfer, and retention. Talk about the thought process behind each of these strategies and how you can apply them each to a risk facing IBM. Show how each of these would be the most appropriate for the specific risk and then talk about the pros and cons of the effectiveness. As an example transfer of risk is usually done though some sort of insurance where the cost and counterparty risk must also be acceptable.
Risk Management Strategies: Maximizing: See note above.
Risk Management Strategies: Effectiveness: See note above.

Articulation of Response: When construction your papers make sure to open and consult the grading rubric. I would very strongly suggest you make a heading for a section out of you paper match each of the rubric sections and then address the information in that section in that order.

I hope you can make adjustment following the feedback and give me the new paper. Do not change the IBM company. I need this topic.

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