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February 26, 2021
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February 26, 2021

Module 05 Course Project – Being a Successful Team Leader

Read attachments so you understand what to do with this assignment

For this paper assignment, you determine the characteristics of your “invisible mentor” that makes that person effective and successful at leading teams. Assess the actions, behaviors, and characteristics of your mentor associated with team leadership; do the same for yourself. Then, compare yourself to your mentor and determine how you can develop these leadership characteristics.

For the assignment, submit the following in a five-minute presentation (voiceover with visual). (I will do the voiceover, just please add enough material for me to read for 5 minutes)

  • Assessment of the actions, behaviors, and characteristics your “invisible mentor” has that make him/her an effective and successful leader of teams.
  • Assessment of your own actions, behaviors, and characteristics to be an effective and successful leader of teams.
  • Comparison between the two:
    • What is similar?
    • What is different?
    • What is the best approach for you to develop these characteristics?

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