​”Financial Statements”
February 26, 2021
QRB501 University of Phoenix Quantitative Concepts Exercises Project
February 26, 2021

Module discussion boards

1.Begin by reading the article provided. Horgos is just one piece of China’s much broader strategy to bind nearby regions to it through the use of pipelines, roads, railways, and ports. This article describes the difficulties in transporting goods and services in a region with limited infrastructure. It also identifies how a supply chains’ expenses can be influenced when one variable is altered. Consider the article and other outside material on the progress at Horgos as you address the following points in your initial post.

  • Describe the value of Horgos as a strategic location for the Chinese supply chain.
  • From the Chinese perspective, what are the costs and risks to the plans for Horgos?
  • How dependent is a supply chain’s effectiveness on transportation infrastructure?

2. Transportation may pollute the environment and impact natural resources. The balance between the positive benefits of transportation and the negative environmental costs can be difficult to achieve.

Summarize in your own words, one negative impact of transportation activities on the environment (use research to support your statements and give details-include a citation for the source). Identify specific actions that can be taken by carriers or shippers to offset or minimize this negative aspect.

When making your responses, consider whether the initial post makes a reasonable request in the actions suggested. What further actions would you suggest?

3.Coordinating activities and building relationships with suppliers and transportation providers can be a challenge when resources are working under extreme circumstances. Begin by reading this article:

Stevens, L., Kapner, S., & Banjo, S. (2014, Oct 02). UPS, FedEx want retailers to get real on holiday shipping; stores resist efforts to rein in 11th-hour delivery guarantees, even after last year’s snafus. Wall Street Journal (Online).

Include in your initial post a discussion on the following points:

  • Is UPS and FedEx approach to control the volatility of the supply chain realistic? Does this provide value for the customer? Explain your answers.
  • When selecting a delivery service for your online business, identify 4-5 criteria you would use and describe the relative importance of each of these criteria.

4. Rosenbush, S., & Stevens, L. (2015, Feb 17). At UPS, the algorithm is the driver; turn right, turn left, turn right: Inside orion, the 10-year effort to squeeze every penny from delivery routes. Wall Street Journal (Online).

Like many companies, UPS utilizes R&S technology to reduce costs. Read the article where you will recognize several strategies embraced by UPS to maximize efficiency while creating customer value through added technology.

In your discussion post, begin by sharing your own opinion of the Orion route-calculation system. Identify specific benefits and drawbacks. Discuss the importance of on-time delivery and flexibility to customer needs. Is there such a thing as being too adaptable to customer needs? Explain.

5. Explain the role distribution centers have in the supply chain.

  • Share examples of how distribution operations might positively and negatively impact both transportation management and overall supply chain performance.
  • How does using a distribution center compare to direct shipment from supplier to retailers in terms of supply chain effectiveness?

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