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February 4, 2021
Criminal Justice Policy Issue
February 4, 2021

My Speech Community

Your task is to complete a mini dictionary of novel linguistic terms in your speech community, Language changes all the time. While lexicographers constantly update dictionaries, the process is slow. In any case, some words or expressions don’t stay around for very long. Write a list of words and expressions you suspect you wouldn’t find in a dictionary. It may be the case that the word is common, but the particular meaning is not. Think about what the words on your list mean (their definition) and how they can be used. If its an adjective, can it be used only about people or also about things? if it’s a verb, what kind of subject can it take? Does it need an object?Chose at least six words and write down as full an entry as you can for each one. Look it up in a good dictionary. Does it appear there? Does it have the same meaning? Can you find anything about the history or origins of these terms or how long they have been in use?

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