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February 23, 2021
question of the pseudonymity of some of Paul’s letters
February 23, 2021

Needing assistance on discussion question. Does not to be that long as long as it is answered

With observational learning, what forms do you think this takes? Is it direct observation of a person that is engaged in deviant behavior? If not, where does the observation take place and how?

I believe what you described in the answer to your second is indirect imitative learning which is when deviance can be learned by imitating behavior presented in the media, television shows/movies, or in some other type of indirect communication (Pfohl, 1994, p.329). One form of corrective unlearning is group unlearning which is when you expose deviants to strong group pressures toward conventionality. It can be done with professional agents or with rehabilitative control. It involves removing the deviants from pro-deviant associations and by providing them with a new group support for getting them back on a non-deviant path (Pfohl, 1994, p.317). I believe the most effective corrective unlearning strategy is imitative control which is by providing models of conventionality such as a social worker counselor, or other helping professional who can serve as a positive influential role model for our youth (Pfohl, 1994, p.315). Of course, a downside of the learning perspective is that it can have the opposite affect and actually cause the youth to rebel but If I were in the situation of dealing with a deviant youth I would place them in a group with peers and professional support who can guide them to a non-deviant life. Which corrective unlearning technique do you think is the most effective? Great job on your post!

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