Final Project: Milestone Three – Investment Analysis (Section II) and Conclusion (Section VI)
December 5, 2020
Unit 7 assignment
December 5, 2020

Offer of Free 15-days service

Hello, I have a senior class and my professor gave me a company to make external and internal analysis. The company is Trash Butler.

(Trash Butler is the revolutionary Doorstep Valet Trash & Recycling service for apartments and multi-family communities. We offer door to door waste and recycling pickup across all 50 states and are one of the largest trash hauling companies in the nation) This is the idea of the company.

My prof asked me to do a recommendation, I recommended OFFER OF FREE 15-DAYS SERVICE from the company to the customer.

So, here is the professor Feedback:


This recommendation (only 3 pages long) does not meet a 4-page requirement. A 10-point deduction applies.

  • How do you know this 15-day trial period program can turn the residents into real customers? There is no evidence.
  • Strategic importance: there is no evidence suggesting this recommendation is strategically important.

So I want to you to Fix the paper according to the feed back. Second to add and explain more to make the paper 5 pages. (you will write 2 pages only). I attached my recommendation.


Second I want to make 2 slides of PowerPoint: Explaining and justifying your recommendations. you should take look for External and internal, I attached the files. to answer the justifying.

-First page from is my recommendation (will present and explain my recommendation to people)

-Second Explain HOW you developed this recommendation. Explain WHY you developed this recommendation.

just to sumary my work, 1- write 2 pages/2- make 2 powerpoint slides of my recommendation. So I wan two files.

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