find an annual report and provide a review of that report for your initial response
February 5, 2021
Part 1 Overview of Organization Problem
February 5, 2021

one page international business homework

In Chapter 4 you read about cultural differences and the importance of cross-cultural literacy. This week, you will work with team-leader 2 to address discuss the importance of being culturally literate when attempting to enter foreign countries. The assignment should be double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font in paragraph form. The writing should be in APA format, and under no circumstances should your response include bullet points. The assignment will be graded based on the “Example Writing Rubric” document provided in D2L. The assignment should not exceed 1 page. A separate references section is not needed, but be sure to use in-body citations where needed. For example, “Hill and Hult (2016) note that …” or “Abrams (2016) state that …” Please include a title page in APA format with the assignment number, the team-leader for the week, the group number, and the date.

The content expectations for the assignment are:

  1. Provide a strong introductory statement (one to two sentences)
  2. Define social structure and explain the importance of social structure when entering foreign markets? (suggested three to four sentences)
  3. Based on the reading of your text, and the International Business Guide article found at the following link (, provide an example of how a business struggled with understanding social structure.
  4. What could have been done differently to overcome the social structure cultural challenge by the business you identified in 3? (two to three sentences)
  5. Provide strong concluding statement (one to two sentences)

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