Discussion BoardUnit: Labor Relations Performance Management 3
January 11, 2021
Develop a Training Program week 8
January 11, 2021

Option #1: A Relocation Project

Section 1

Option #1: A Relocation Project

Incorporate into your high-level Portfolio Project outline, the key element bullet items related to novel Project Management techniques and tools.Add citation references supporting your key element items to the Portfolio Project reference list.

This needs to be in a different Word Document .

Section 2

Option #1: A Relocation Project

Your job at Shosheam Logistics located in Denver, Colorado, requires you (and your family) to move to Thailand in six months.

Part 1 – Project Scheduling

1.Using project management software (MS Project, ProjectLibre, Open Project, etc.) or other appropriate application software, develop a Gantt chart with the activities necessary to accomplish the move project and order the activities in a precedence (logical sequential) manner.

2.Explain and describe (in writing) the number of tasks/activities you have outlined and the order in which you have placed the tasks/activities for project completion.

Part 2 – Monitor, Organize, Analyze

1.Develop an estimation chart showing each activity, the preceding activity required, and associated costs, with a 3 months, 4.5 months, and 6 months scenario.

2.Compare the costs of crashing the project from a 6-month timeline into a 4.5-month timeline:

1.Explain and defend (in writing) the pros/cons of crashing the project schedule.

2.What is the impact on personnel and resources to crashing the project?

3.What are the associated risks of crashing the project and how will you manage the risks?

Part 3 – Project Control and Closeout

1.Explain and defend the processes and procedures you suggest for closing the project. Include the handoffs, benefits, and lag required to begin operation at your new location.

2.Your assessment should be well structured. Make good use of bulleted lists, numbered lists, and tables to provide structure and clearly communicate information.

The Portfolio Project must be submitted in a single document of seven to ten pages in length, not including the title, appendices, and reference pages. The three parts, above, must be included with a detailed explanation of each required component.Use appendices to illustrate specific project management best practices, tools, and techniques.

In your submission include at least five outside supportive references, not including the course textbook, course materials, or other information resources provided as part of the course materials. These must be cited and integrated into your paper. These are expected to provide information and support for assertions made in your writing.The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these references.

Formatting of your paper must comply with CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. Thoroughly proofread and grammar-check your final draft. Examine the Portfolio Project grading rubric to guide your project writing and presentation.

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