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December 29, 2020
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December 29, 2020

Paper (8 to 10 pages)





The Green Marketing Plan:

Each student will work as if they were in company on a “live case” of their choice. The student will need to gather information to assist with the creation of a green marketing plan.

The Paper:

Consider yourself to be a marketing manager in a company. You have been assigned to develop a green marketing plan for a product/service that the company is introducing. You will discuss the feasibility of the given target market, marketing objectives, and your resulting green marketing campaign.

You should justify your green marketing plan as one which appeals to your target market and effectively meets the company objectives. You must also justify your media choices. Your grade will be based on your ability to communicate that you have learned the course material and can effectively apply the appropriate concepts and information to a real world situation.

The papers should be 8 – 10 pages, double spaced, 12 font, APA style.

A Green Marketing Plan:

The following outline of the sections should be included in the green marketing plan.

Typical Green Marketing Plan Outline:

  1. Green Marketing Product Strategy
    1. Objectives and Goals
    2. Product
    3. Pricing
    4. Distribution
    5. Marketing Communications and Promotions
    6. Sales Force
    7. Environmental Strategy
  2. Macroenvironment
    1. Demographic
    2. Economic
    3. Environmental
    4. Cultural
  3. Task Environment
    1. Markets
    2. Customers
    3. Competitors

The outline is useful as a guide for the planning document but more importantly, it also identifies the key strategic decisions that guide various sections of a green marketing plan. They include:

  1. identifying customer needs and determining opportunities,
  2. stating objectives,
  3. targeting the audience,
  4. creating or reinforcing a position,
  5. identifying the key strategic approach that will deliver the objectives.

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