Unit 10 Building Assignment
December 29, 2020
CIBC Bank: Pricing Strategy
December 29, 2020

paper and presentation

I will upload The Whole assignment sheet

The student should choose an organization they would like to work for in the future, or a firm that the text highlights, and the student will do a strategic evaluation of the company, internally, as well as external opportunities and threats, customer analysis and strategic recommendations based on your findings. The paper should be at least 12 pages (should be closer to 15 pages) including table of contents), double spaced, standard margins and 12 point font size, with no grammatical or spelling errors. The PowerPoint presentation should be 3-5 slides and the presentation should demonstrate technical savvy, be visually pleasing, and the content should be a brief summary of your findings. I will count off for any grammatical errors so go to the writing lab in the business building (see syllabus for info) and have them review your paper before you turn it in so you have time to make changes.

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