Financial Statement IP
February 15, 2021
The Role and Function of Law in Global Business
February 15, 2021

Paper presentation

Prepare a brief PowerPoint presentation summarizing your research proposal

The PowerPoint presentation will summarize the key points in your research proposal.

Your presentation should address the following sections of your research proposal:

  1. Title of the research proposal and your name (1 slide)
  2. Brief summary of the key points from introduction section of your proposal (maximum 2 slides)
  3. Problem Statement (1 slide)
  4. Research Question and Sub-Questions (1 slide)
  5. Rationale (1 slide)
  6. Definitions, if applicable (1 slide)
  7. Hypothesis (1 slide)
  8. Brief summary of the key points from the Literature Review section of your proposal ( maximum 4 slides)
  9. Methodology (1 slide)
  10. Wrap-up or Final Comments (1 slide)

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