The Culture and Moral Compasses SLP
December 29, 2020
International Human Rights Law Annotated Document Timeline
December 29, 2020

participate in a discussion about what it takes to deliver a successful presentation.

Speaking in public to any size group can be intimidating. It takes skill and practice to deliver a great presentation and keep your audience engaged. Being prepared and comfortable with your material allows you to relax and feel confident in communicating your message, which helps you to connect more effectively with your audience., participate in a discussion about what it takes to deliver a successful presentation.


  1. In a post to the discussion board, respond to the following:
    • What do you do to prepare for a presentation so that you feel comfortable with your subject matter?
    • What techniques do you use to connect with different audience types before and during a presentation you are giving?
    • What techniques do you use during the presentation to look prepared and professional?
    • What are your greatest skills as a presenter?
  1. Be sure to read others’ posts and respond to at least two posts by adding clarification, asking questions, or adding constructively to the discussion. To guide your responses, consider the following questions:
    • What skills do you need to improve as a presenter?
    • What new presentation techniques did you learn from your classmates?
    • What new presentation techniques will you incorporate during the preparation for or delivery of your next presentation?

  • 250-350 words long with proper punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.
  • Include three (3) different sources (the textbook does not count)

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