need help doing our homework History of the USA
November 22, 2020
Please read the excerpt from Lincoln Steffens Shame of the city in attached document. Who were the main constituents of the city bosses?
November 22, 2020

Pippen and Charlemagne, both accept coronation from the Pope giving the church a role in western political affairs a] True b] False 20.

19. Pippen and Charlemagne, both accept coronation from the Pope giving the church a role in western political affairs

a] True

b] False

20. . In the Ninth and Tenth Centuries Scandinavian tribes known as ___________ terrorized Northern and coastal Western Europe

a] Huns

b] Magyars

c] Ostrogoths

d] Vikings

21.  The Hospitallers were an order of Knights dedicated to ___________

A] innkeeping

B] hospitality

C] healing

D] hostility 

 22 Feudalism was the ___________  system of medieval Europe

a] political

b] economic

c] occult

d] entertainment

23.  The Venetian ruler that manipulated the course of the 4th Crusade was

a. Pope Alexander IV

b. the Borgia family

c. the Dodge of Venice

d. the Sforza family

24.  Do you believe Eleanor of Aquitaine had an affair with Raymond of Antioch ?

a. Yes

b. No

25.  The Church first establishes a political-social-economic alliances that define the church-state medieval relationship with the ___________dynasty

A] Roman

B] Carolingian

C] Plantagenet

D] Merovingian

26. The split between the Orthodox and Catholic churches occur in 1054 and referred to as the “Great____________”

A] Schism

B] Split

C] Separation

D] Scramation

27. The Byzantine military system and imperial power reflects that of the _____ Empire

a] Macedonian

b] Greeks

c] Roman

d] Muslims

28. At the Synod of Claremont, Pope Urban II called for a __________ to free the Holy Land

from Muslim domination

a] campaign

b] strike

c] Crusade

d] negotiation

29. The First Crusade actually took the holy city leaving much of the Middle East under Christian control

a] True

b] False

30. Baldwin IV, King of Jerusalem was also known to history and the kingdom as

a. Baldwin the Beautiful

b. the Pious King

c. the Leper King

d. Baldwin of Syria

31. The Crusades represent the apogee of power of the Papacy

a] True

b] False

32. The _____________ force the Knights of the Fourth Crusade to commit atrocities against Christian cities on the Adriatic coast and Constantinople to pay for the cost of the expedition

a] Milanese

b] Venetians

c] Romans

d] Neapolitans

33. The Third Crusade was led by Philippe of France and ___________ of England

a] Henry the Law Giver

b] Patent the Bold

c] Robin Hood

d] Richard the Lionheart

34 The great Saracen leader that opposed the Christians in the Third Crusade was

a] Suleiman the Magnificent

b] Saladin

c] Marsh al Sharif

d] Prince Ached

35. One of the results of the Crusades was the desire of Europe for eastern trade goods and an emerging European Middle Class

a] True

b] False

36. Balian of Ibelin surrenders the city of _________ after the failure of the Second Crusade to restore the Crusader kingdom of Edessa

a] Antioch

b] Nicaea

c] Jerusalem

d] Hattin

37. The first major engagement between Christian and Muslim armies during the first Crusade takes place at

A] Antioch

B] Jerusalem

C] Cyprus

D] Dorylaem

38. The “Legend of the Holy Lance” occurs during the ___________ Crusade

A] First

B] Second

C] Third

D] Fourth

39.  Richard the Lionheart breaks the myth of Saladin’s invincibility at

A] Acre

B] Athens

C] Alamein

D] Antioch

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